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Pacific Northwest Seafood Sources

For seafood, sustainability is more important than whether the product is frozen or fresh. Flash frozen-at-sea seafood is generally at a quality equal to and sometimes superior to fresh. For these reasons, please use the following sources for sustainable fish throughout the year.

Cape Cleare Fishery, Fishing Vessel Cape Cleare
Rick Oltman
Port Townsend, WA
Species:  Chinook & coho salmon, sometimes sidestripe shrimp and albacore. Ask for what is available.
Notes: Troll caught frozen-at-sea salmon (headed & gutted). They also have vacuum-packed smoked chinook.
website     email     360.385.7486

Dungeness Seaworks, Fishing Vessel Saint Jude
Allan & Karla Richardson
Sequim, WA
Species:  Salmon, albacore tuna, and halibut.
Notes: Frozen at sea fillets, portions and headed and gutted whole fish.
website     email     (360) 683-2898, c.(360) 460-7048

Excel Seafoods, Fishing Vessel Excel
David Harsila
Seattle, WA
Species:  Keta, sockeye, Chinook, coho & pink salmon.
Notes: Fresh salmon, in season, and frozen boneless salmon fillets, portions and smoked.
email     (206) 546-8350, c.(206) 618-3824

Fairweather Salmon LLC
Jim Bassett (owner/fisherman), Stephen Aghjayan (primary sales & marketing contact)
Seattle, WA
Species:  King and coho salmon, ling cod, albacore tuna
Notes: All fish is troll-caught and frozen at sea.
(360) 202-3066

Finest Kind Seafoods, F/V Equinox
Captain Charley Gordon
Vashon Island, WA
Species:  sockeye, chinook and keta salmon
Notes: They have gillnet-caught sockeye fresh-frozen, pin-bone out, skin-on, vacuum-packed sockeye fillets and 6 to 8 ounce portions in one and two piece vacuum packs. Other products include 6 ounce pop-top, skinless, boneless salmon and cold-smoked sockeye in half-pint jars. Chinook lox & hot smoke in pouches. Available September through May in the greater Puget Sound Region.
website     email     (888) 472-7625 (206) 463-9544 fax(206) 463-7625

Fishermen's Direct
Dixie Boley
Gold Beach, OR
Species:  Salmon, albacore, crab, pink shrimp, rockfish
Notes: Fresh Dungeness crab, and occasionally black rockfish. Fresh frozen wild chinook salmon (caught in the fall and immediately processed, vacuum-packed and frozen), canned albacore tuna, wild Chinook salmon and fresh frozen vacuum-packed albacore tuna fillets are available for shipment.
website     email     (888) 523-9494, (541) 247-9494

Fishing Vessel Ocean
Paul Svornich
Bainbridge Island, WA
Species:  Albacore tuna
Notes: Troll caught 1-3 lbs frozen-at-sea loins, boneless, skinless (no red meat). Has cans as well. Coastal albacore have 2/3 less mercury content due to their smaller size than larger tuna caught further out to sea.
email     (206) 842-6036

Fishing Vessel Saint Jude LLC
Joseph and Joyce Malley
Bellevue, WA
Species:  Albacore tuna
Notes: Products are available year-round. Frozen at Sea (FAS) sashimi-grade fillets, various custom canned and smoked products all derived from our troll caught, low mercury, high omega-3 albacore.
website     (425) 378-0680

Hallmark Seafood
Newport, OR
Species:  Pink shrimp, salmon, groundfish, crab
Notes: Independent small chain of fish buyers/processors.
website     email     (541) 888-3253 Fax(541) 888-6814

Hensel's Seafood, Fishing Vessel Cindarosa
Kenyon Hensel
Crescent City, CA
Species:  Black Rockfish (Rockcod)
Notes: Hook & line caught, scaled & gutted whole rockfish shipped frozen. 50lb minimum.
email     (707) 465-6857

Ilwaco Fish Company/Seafood Market
Ilwaco, Washington
Species:  Various seafood, including albacore tuna.
Notes: Fresh, frozen and custom-canned troll-caught albacore as well as other seafood in season at their market in Ilwaco.
(360) 642-3773

Island Trollers, Inc., Fishing Vessel Aura
Larry and Cynthia Mason
Cap Sante Marina - Dock A, Anacortes, Washington
Species:  Albacore tuna
Notes: Custom canned troll-caught albacore in natural juices -- available with jalapeño, with garlic, with capers and also smoked; an array of different gift packs are also available. Seasonally sells fish off the docks in Anacortes Washington.
website     email     (877) 253-2761

Local Ocean Seafood, Fishing Vessel Tempest, Fishing Vessel Delma Ann
Laura Anderson, Al Pazar
Newport, OR
Species:  Salmon, tuna, and crab
Notes: Fresh, frozen, smoked or canned salmon and tuna, as well as crab. Local Ocean Seafood is a small independent fish buyer/processor. Family owned & run. Laura has also been a commercial fisherman. Has an innovative tag system to track each fish from boat to consumer. Retail shop & restaurant on site in Newport.
website     email     (541) 574-7959

Loki Fish, Fishing Vessel Loki, Fishing Vessel Njord
Pete Knutson, Hing Lau Ng
Seattle, WA
Species:  Salmon
Notes: Fresh and frozen whole salmon from Washington and Alaska, vacuum-packed fillet portions of fresh and frozen smoked salmon, canned sockeye salmon, salmon roe, salmon lox & jerky.
website     email     (206) 937-1048

Lummi Island Reefnet
Riley Starks, Dave Hansen
Lummi Island, WA
Species:  Sockeye, coho, pink & keta salmon, black cod, lox/nova
Notes: Washington reefnet-caught salmon, Alaska longline caught black cod
website     email     Riley (360)220-0013, Dave (360)224-6512

Merino's Seafood Market
Westport, WA
Species:  All types of seafood
Notes: We specialize in Albacore Tuna from the Cold Pacific waters off the coast of Washington. Wild & Dolphin safe. Each tin is packed by hand then carefully cooked in small batches for the freshest, most delicious canned seafood. Sustainably harvested by hook & line.
website     email     1-800-754-6620 or 360-268-5009

New Day Fisheries Inc.,
Scott Kimmel
Port Townsend, WA
Species:  Fresh fish, crab, prawns, albacore tuna
Notes: Fresh fish, live crab and prawns. Custom canned troll-caught albacore tuna. Dockside seafood market with fresh fish, live crab and prawns. They can their own premium albacore tuna. Packed in jars in water, olive oil or ginger & soy. Jar-canned alder-smoked salmon and jar-canned alder-smoked premium Northwest salmon.
website     email     1(800)574-1924, (360) 385-4600, fax (360) 385-6455

Olympia Oyster Co.
Shelton, WA
Species:  Olympia & Pacific oysters, native little neck clams, Manila clams, Mediterranean mussels.
Notes: Established in 1878, Olympia Oyster Co. sells shucked as well as in-shell oysters and other shellfish.
website     email     (877)427-3193, (360) 426-3354, fax(360) 427-0122 

Papa George Gourmet Albacore
Steve and Holly Lovejoy
Seattle, WA
Species:  Albacore tuna
Notes: Natural fancy troll-caught canned albacore available in 6 oz. and 3.75 oz. Fancy canned albacore packed in organic extra virgin olive oil is available in 6 oz. cans. Albacore teriyaki jerky and Hawaiian jerky is available in 3 oz. packages. Gift boxes available.
website     email     (206) 255-4203

Taylor Shellfish
"Oyster Bill" Whitbeck
Everett, WA
Species:  Oysters, clams, mussels and geoduck
Notes: Farmed shellfish from Washington.
website     email     (425) 210-4197

Troller Point Fisheries, Fishing Vessel Ocean Oasis
Mark Hofmann
Bellingham, WA
Species:  Salmon, spot shrimp, halibut, blackcod and Pacific cod
Notes: Trolled, trapped & longline caught frozen at sea Alaska seafood.
website     email     (907) 344-1866, (360)391-9161

Wave Ryder Seafood
Ken Crews
Anacortes, WA
Species:  live spot shrimp, crabs, coonstripe shrimp
Notes: Shrimp and crabs held live until ordered by customer.
email     (360) 941-4441

Wild Pacific Seafood, Inc. Fishing Vessel EZ1 (once a part of Pelican Packers)
Harvey & Judy Cosky, Stephanie Cosky Hopkinson
Bellingham, WA
Species:  Albacore tuna
Notes: Notes: We offer custom-canned troll-caught albacore in 3.5 & 7.5 oz cans in Natural, Original, Dill, Garlic, Jalapeno or Smoked. Same people — same great albacore — different name.
website     email     1-877-ALBACORE (1-877-252-2267) fax (360) 592-4072


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