About Seasonal Cornucopia

Hey there! My name is Joy Reeves, and I’m fortunate enough to have this outlet to explore my passions for sustainability, gardening, and cooking. I love the outdoors, and if the sun’s out you can find me and my family doing something outside. Most of the time I spend on this blog is after daylight hours, or in the winter!

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How Seasonal Cornucopia Got Started

We all know the world is getting crazier, and especially with global warming sustainability has been a fun and creative outlet for me to both teach and enable my family to provide for themselves, and also to gain some sense of control in the situation. That sounds a bit dramatic, but I think for me the purpose of this blog and the ideas covered, really all come back to that sense that these are important ideas that can really help people.

Knowing which foods are in season based on your location is something that enables you to stay in touch with your community, at farmers’ markets and local grocery stores, and it’s a way to reduce your impact on the global supply chain. It doesn’t hurt that it also allows you to eat fresher and more seasonally appropriate food that’s both tasty and healthy.

Taking the jump to grow some of your own food is great, but it’s also intimidating for a lot of people. Putting a seed in the ground, covering it with dirt, and watering it is pretty straightforward. But knowing when to do that planting so that you can be harvesting at the right time, is something that people don’t have a very good resource for, so I want this blog to be that resource. That’s why I started Seasonal Cornucopia!