When Should You Plant Nasturtium? 

Nasturtium is a popular annual flower with a slightly aromatic smell. Their bright flowers and fast growth make them popular among beginner and experienced gardeners. So, when should you plant these flowers, and when do they bloom? 

Nasturtium flowers in late summer or the fall season if they’re planted in spring. The best time of the year to plant nasturtium is in late spring, but you can plant them earlier if you live in a warmer climate. Nasturtium is relatively easy to grow and comes in vine and bush varieties. 

Let’s look at the optimal time for growing nasturtium, when they flower and how to care for them. I’ll also give you growing tips to get brighter and more consistent flowers. 

What is Nasturtium?

Nasturtium plant with orange flowers growing in the garden

Also known as Indian Cress, Nasturtium are one of the most popular annual flowering plants grown in gardens.

These plants (on Amazon) produce bright-colored flowers, with colors ranging from red, yellow, orange, and even pink. They belong to the same family as broccoli, squash, pumpkins, and other vegetables. 

Nasturtium grows in warm weather and will flower in the summer through the fall. While they make great outdoor plants, they can also be grown indoors as potted plants, or in hanging baskets.

Why They are Popular

What makes Nasturtium so popular is the ease with which they grow. They will grow in most soils and can be grown along with other flowers and vegetables.

Since they will often flower in the summer, it makes sense to plant them with spring flowers, so your garden never gets dull throughout the year. 

What’s really great about these flowers is that they attract pollinators such as bees, which makes them ideal for vegetable gardens. They are also edible: you can use them in fresh salads and other dishes if you like trying out new foods. 

Do Nasturtium Come in Different Colors?

Nasturtium flowers come in many colors, predominantly yellow, orange, and red. However, nasturtium produces flowers in a wide range of color shades, with shades of gold, pink, and even crimson being popular. 

Different varieties can also inter-pollinate, resulting in an even wider mix of colors. If you water these plants properly and grow them in nutrient-rich soils, the flowers will have more vibrant colors. 

Even set varieties may have varying color shades, but you can consult your local nursery for types with specific colored flowers. 

How Long Does Nasturtium Take to Grow?

Nasturtium takes around two months to start flowering, depending on the weather conditions and other growth factors. You can plant nasturtium in early spring and expect them to flower in late summer or early autumn.

Nasturtium usually flowers when the weather gets cooler in the fall, although they may sometimes flower in late summer. Most gardeners recommend planting nasturtium seeds in mid-spring to get flowers in the fall and winter. 

If you live in a warmer climate, you can even consider growing perennial nasturtium varieties since they won’t die off in mild winters. 

What Time of Year is Best for Planting Nasturtium?

The optimal time to sow nasturtium seeds will depend on the climate in your region. Nasturtium can’t handle frost, so make sure you plant it after the last frost in spring.

If you live in a moderate climate, plant nasturtium in late spring. If you live in a warm region, you can plant it in early spring. 

However, if the climate in your region is much colder and you have long winters, it’s better to sow nasturtium in late spring or early summer to escape the late frosts. If you have a greenhouse, you can plant these flowers earlier and transfer them to your garden when the weather starts warming up. 

Perennial nasturtium can be planted in late winter or early spring if you live in a climate with mild winters. 

Growing Tips for Nasturtium

Nasturtium is relatively easy to grow and quite popular amongst kids. They germinate in 7-10 days and produce flowers in less than two months if the weather is right. While they don’t require specific care, there are some things you should keep in mind when growing nasturtium. 

Planting Nasturtium 

You can plant nasturtium directly in the soil, provided the last frost is over and the ground temperature has warmed up slightly. Here’s the correct way to plant nasturtium: 

  1. Find a spot with well-drained soil. Nasturtium plants don’t need extra fertilizer for optimal growth. 
  1. Make a hole about 1 inch deep. 
  1. Plan the seed and cover it with soil. 
  1. Make sure there’s at least a 10-12 inch gap between nasturtium seeds. 

Growing Nasturtium 

Watering flowers

Growing and caring for nasturtium is easy since they aren’t particularly sensitive plants. Nasturtium doesn’t require additional fertilizer or excessive watering, but they need some maintenance, like any other annual flowering plant. 

Here are some things to consider when caring for nasturtium: 

  • Water nasturtium plants once or twice a week. If you live in a dry climate, you can water them every second day. 
  • Make sure the soil remains moist and drains properly. 
  • Trim excess leaves to increase the number and quality of the flowers. 
  • Cut off dead and dying flowers so the plant keeps producing more. 
  • Be particularly wary of pests such as aphids. You can introduce ladybugs and other natural predators of these pests to control them. 

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