Best Season To Plant Lavender

Gardener planting lavender plant

Lavender is known for its beautiful scent and vibrant purple flowers. As a perennial, it’s a plant that keeps coming back, and with a bit of care, your lavender bushes … Read more

Guide To Planting Hostas

Growing Hosta

Beginners and seasoned gardeners can enjoy hostas’ many options in color and texture. They are easy to care for and look great in many gardens and pots. In mid to … Read more

Guide To Planting Hydrangeas

Young woman taking care of flowers in the garden

Hydrangeas are wildly popular plants that often line fences or houses due to their large size and stunning flowers. They can bloom all summer long and, with proper care, can … Read more

When To Plant Lilies

Plant lilies of the valley

Lilies have grown in immense popularity over the years. They are tall, stalky plants with clusters of brightly colored flowers; some varieties are even fragrant. They provide excellent pollination to … Read more